12 Months to Mastery:
Your Legacy Begins Here
12 Months to Mastery:
Your Legacy Begins Here

UC Merced’s Gallo Master of Management

What can you achieve in a year? More than you think.

Chart a Different Course with the University of California, Merced's Gallo Master of Management (MM) in just 12 months.

Steer away from the conventional and step into a transformative journey with UC Merced, where research is a cornerstone.

UC Merced’s Master of Management program seamlessly marries traditional management principles with the distinct dynamism of California’s Central Valley which has a rich history of growth and productivity.

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Unlock Business Leadership With UC Merced's Master of Management

Considering a master's in management and leadership? The Gallo School of Management at UC Merced provides an MM program designed to enhance your business acumen and leadership capabilities.

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Anjelique J., Gallo MM, '21

“I’ve gained such a broad variety of skills that can be applied to numerous industries. The knowledge gained is expansive and opens the door to unimaginable career opportunities.”
—Anjelique J., Gallo MM, ’21

UC Merced's Gallo Management Program: Where Next-Gen Opportunities Flourish

UC Merced instructor pointing at projection during class

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

A blend of traditional and contemporary management concepts tailored to meet today’s industry demands including environmental science and management needs.

Students in blue and yellow standing in the shape of UC Merced logo

Diverse Learning Community

A student body that represents various cultural, generational, socioeconomic, and professional backgrounds for enhanced peer learning.

Woman in green shirt smiling while working at classroom table

Real-World Application

Hands-on learning and case studies that simulate real business scenarios for practical experience.

The Power of MM Skills in Today's Business World

1.1 Million
Management job openings are projected each year, on average4
Median annual wage for managers in 20224
More Jobs
Management employment is expected to grow faster than average through 20324

From Business Analytics to Leadership and Career Growth: The MM Blueprint

​​A Master's in Management degree (MM) is a smart move for individuals kick-starting a business career or shifting into a managerial position. This degree program offers a comprehensive understanding of business and leadership, preparing you with essential knowledge and skills.

For those new to the world of business, the MM lays the foundational blocks. And for individuals from other domains, it helps translate their prior experiences into effective managerial skills. Whether you've recently finished college or have spent years in another industry, the MM opens doors to a wider range of career opportunities and emphasizes leadership growth.

Not all MM programs are created equal.

Learn what sets UC Merced’s Gallo MM program apart from other master’s in management programs.

See What Set the Gallo MM Apart

Program Highlights

  • Fast-Track Growth: Complete your Master of Management in 12 months
  • Annual Fall Intake: Submit your application on time to start classes in the fall
  • Seamless Learning Path: Organized course progression within your dedicated cohort
  • Diverse Curriculum: Ten core courses, covering areas from spatial analytics to entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Intimate Learning Environment: An average of 11 students per class
Elevate Your Career in Just a Year

Our Experts Shape Today’s Students Into Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Faculty Spotlight in Business Education

UC Merced isn’t just a place to learn; it’s where big ideas meet real-world action. The faculty, holding top-tier PhDs, showcase the university’s commitment to high-quality business and innovative management education. For those interested in things like service systems, climatology, or the big picture of sustainability in business management, UC Merced faculty are here to teach, guide, and work together. Here’s a look at a few of our standout educators.

Professor Paul Maglio

Paul Maglio


Dr. Paul P. Maglio is a Professor of Management and Cognitive Science at the University of California, Merced. Dr. Maglio serves as the Editor-in-Chief of INFORMS Service Science and is the lead editor of the Handbook of Service Science. He boasts over 125 publications spanning computer science, cognitive science, and service science.

Alex Petersen

Alex M. Petersen

Associate Professor

Dr. Petersen's research is primarily data-oriented, focusing on the evolution of large multiscale socio-economic systems by applying concepts and methods from complex systems, statistical physics, management, and innovation science.

Lisa Yeo

Lisa Yeo

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lisa Yeo's research focuses on the economics of information systems, security, and privacy, with a particular interest in organizational behaviors that diverge from conventional rational models. She explores applications in collaboration, decision support, behavioral operations, and information security and privacy.

Tea Lempiala

Tea Lempiälä

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tea Lempiälä, an Assistant Professor of Management at the Department of Management of Complex Systems, focuses her research on innovation practice and management, sustainable energy, and organizational paradoxes. Dr. Lempiälä is passionate about various aspects of equity, especially in the context of creating more inclusive innovation cultures.

Statue on UC Merced campus

UC Merced: Excellence in California's Heartland

The University of California (UC) system, renowned for its graduate business education, has long been a keystone of U.S. higher education. With a legacy starting from the Berkeley campus in 1868, the UC brand is synonymous with top-tier research, a mosaic of management for business students, and a lasting pledge to public service. Today, this network spans ten diverse campuses.

UC Merced, incepted in 2005, quickly earned its stripes in the UC lineage. Emerging as a hub for innovative management curriculum, it maintains UC's tradition of excellence and charts new academic territories for future business leaders.

The Department of Management of Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology (MIST) is a crucial part of UC Merced's mission. It brings together fields like cognitive sciences, sustainability studies, and social sciences, laying the foundation for the Gallo Master of Management program.

Become a Proud UC Merced Bobcat

At UC Merced, you're not simply obtaining a degree; you're becoming part of a lasting legacy. Additionally, each graduate is instantly enrolled into the UC Merced Alumni Association (UCMAA), integrating you into a broad management student community of over 16,000 peers, innovators, and visionaries who span the globe.

Being part of UCMAA guarantees access to lifetime connections and an expansive career network with over 2 million alumni. These UC Merced Bobcats are ready to collaborate, mentor, and help create avenues for your future career opportunities.

UC Merced bobcat mascot

Here’s where UC Merced Alumni Have Made a Mark

U.S. Air Force
Care Coach
Rodda Electric
Global Green
California Black Women's Health Project
Community Water Center
Dignity Health
UCSF Health
Cal Maritime

The Transformative Power of a Management Master's Degree

The power of a Master's in Management (MM) in today's business world cannot be overstated.

At its core, an MM equips students with the knowledge, practical skills, and strategic mindset required to adeptly steer through the swiftly transforming business environment.

Here's a breakdown of its value:

  • Ready for Change: The business world is perpetually changing, propelled by tech advancements, global market dynamics, and socio-political evolutions. An MM prepares professionals to comprehend and pivot with these changes, ensuring that businesses stay ahead and stay robust
  • Holistic Decision Making: Contemporary businesses succeed based on more than just profits; it's about the impact they have on stakeholders, the environment, and broader society. MM programs underscore decision-making that harmonizes monetary gains with overarching goals, cultivating a batch of ethically driven leaders
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Given the merging of sectors such as technology, finance, and others, having a multi-faceted understanding is vital for leadership. MM curricula are curated to offer a panoramic business education, equipping graduates to tackle cross-sectoral challenges effectively

Management Skills: Your Ticket to Top-Tier Salary Opportunities

Management is a dynamic field, serving as a gateway to numerous industries. Its expansive scope allows professionals to tailor their careers to their unique passions, whether in tech, finance, healthcare, or beyond. A foundation in management ensures you leave a significant imprint wherever you choose to work.

These salary insights offer a glimpse into the median salaries for all management professionals in the U.S., as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Management Occupations: Median Salary Insights

Woman in orange shirt holding tablet standing in front of desktop monitor



These managers plan, coordinate, and oversee computer-related activities within an organization.
Woman in blazer holding tablet in a room with two colleagues



Financial managers produce financial reports, steer investment operations, and formulate plans to achieve long-term financial objectives for their organization.
Man seated at desk holding a tablet and smiling in front of desktop monitor



These professionals orchestrate programs to spark interest in products or services.
Man with shoulder bag outside holding cell phone



Sales managers direct and oversee an organization's sales teams.
Smiling man in yellow sweatshirt looking at cellphone and working on laptop



These managers organize, coordinate, and lead programs to improve the skills and knowledge of an organization’s staff.
Woman smiling in front of colleagues at table



Medical and health services managers plan, direct, and coordinate the business activities of healthcare providers.

UC Merced: An Unwavering Commitment to Sustainability

At UC Merced, sustainability isn't a buzzword—it's central to the university’s identity and intertwined with both academia and operations. By choosing UC Merced, you invest in a top-tier education and a future where the planet and its communities are prioritized.

A river flowing through a mountainous area with trees and blue skies

Leading by Example: Recognized as the #1 Greenest College Campus in the U.S. by Ecowatch in 2023.1

A Tradition of Excellence: Top spot in the Sustainable Campus Index by AASHE in 2022.5

Triple Net Zero Goals: UC Merced aims for energy balance, zero waste to landfills, and full climate neutrality.

Alumni Making Real Change: UC Merced graduates lead sustainability-centric industries, making a tangible difference.

Molding Future Leaders: Curriculum and capstone projects focus on ethical treatment, value generation, and environmental conservation.

From the Ground up: UC Merced emphasizes a holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Mireille G., Gallo MM, ‘19

“I enjoyed taking field trips, wherever they were. Learning became a dimensional experience through these excursions.”
—Mireille G., Gallo MM, ‘19

Empowering Central Valley: Your Community, Your Future

UC Merced understands the essence and challenges of the Central Valley. The management master's program isn't just about international prowess; it's about fortifying local talent and giving back to the community that shaped us. Invest in a brighter future for yourself and the Central Valley. UC Merced is where local passion meets global opportunity.

Woman with long hair wearing scarf and sweater

Local Focus, Global Reach

The Master of Management course "Strategy: Regional and Global Perspectives" doesn't just teach. With local programs and field trips, it immerses you in the essence of Central Valley, creating global thinkers with a local heart.
Overhead view of UC Merced campus

Born for the Valley

UC Merced was envisioned as a beacon of opportunity for the underserved regions of California. The university’s dedication to this mission is unwavering. By joining UC Merced, you become part of an institution deeply rooted in expanding the horizons of local talent.
Man seated in coffee shop working on laptop wearing headphones

Experiential Learning Close to Home

UC Merced’s curriculum emphasizes real-world problems specific to the San Joaquin Valley. The capstone? You'll collaborate with local businesses, applying your learnings directly to uplift and innovate within the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for the UC Merced Gallo MM program?

UC Merced’s Gallo MM degree is intended for recent college graduates, from zero to two years out, from any undergraduate major.

The program’s goal is to strengthen their skills in management and teamwork, allowing them to compete more effectively in the job market. The Gallo MM program includes ten courses on the fundamentals of managing complex coupled human and natural systems.

All courses incorporate project-based learning experiences, with a notable highlight being the summer Integrative Capstone Project. Additionally, the curriculum emphasizes real-world applications and analyses of innovation, sustainability, and the role of technology in service and resource management.

Explore the Curriculum

Can international students apply to the Gallo MM program?

Yes. The Gallo MM degree program at UC Merced is structured around the principles of long-term sustainability for people, planet, and profit (PPP). This "Triple Bottom Line" framework is becoming increasingly relevant to decision-making worldwide.

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Do I need to take the GMAT or GRE for MM admission?

No, UC Merced’s Gallo MM degree program does not require the GRE or GMAT for admission.

Can graduating seniors apply for admission before degree completion?

Yes. Graduating college seniors can apply for admission before they complete their BS/BA degree. Please note that enrollment in the MM program depends on the completion of their undergraduate degree.

Do all students in a cohort take the same classes at the same time? How big are the cohorts?

Yes. All students complete the same courses at the same time with a cohort of peers. Cohort size will not exceed 35 students, providing ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction with faculty.

Can students double-up on classes in the fall and spring to avoid taking summer classes?

No. Students take all courses with their cohort in the specified sequence.

What happens if a student fails a class? Are they able to retake it and when?

Students will have one opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in course modules that they have failed at the end of the semester and before starting subsequent coursework.

What does “interdisciplinary” mean? How does the MM degree curriculum balance depth with breadth of content?

The MM degree curriculum provides students with a well-rounded exposure to the fundamental disciplines generally involved in the management of businesses, agencies, non-profits, and organizational units. It is taught using an innovative cohort model in which students seeking careers in for-profit, not-for-profit, and public agencies go through the program together—in a setting in which values that guide corporate profitability are blended with values that stress resource stewardship.

The objective of the Gallo Master of Management program is to develop alumni who come from an academic experience that stresses the importance of people, planet, and business sustainability as compatible ideals rather than as adversarial positions.

View the Curriculum

What’s the difference between an MM and an MiM degree?

The UC Merced’s Gallo Master of Management, also known as an MM degree, is equivalent to the MiM, or Master in Management Degree.

Master of Management versus MBA: Which one is right for me?

Both the MM (Master of Management) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) represent the pinnacle of degree programs in the business world.

Now let’s analyze an MBA vs. a master’s in management and compare their business management degree prerequisites—and more.

Designed primarily for early-career individuals, the MM typically offers a comprehensive curriculum centered on foundational management skills and business knowledge, and it often spans just a year. It's a great fit for those transitioning from undergraduate education or other diverse industries into management including topics covered by a business operations management degree. The MBA is structured for those with notable work experience and dives deep into disciplines like international business, marketing, and finance.

While an MBA, typically a two-year program, is renowned for its rigorous admissions requirements including competitive GRE and GMAT scores and a comprehensive dive into business skills, the MM stands out for offering rapid career advancement opportunities and a wide spectrum of business knowledge.

In short, the MM degree is not a substitute for nor a condensed version of an MBA.

MM graduates are primed for swift immersion into the business world with versatility and a broadened skill set.

How does the MM degree enhance job opportunities?

The MM is not a disciplinary degree. MM graduates will leverage their unique undergraduate education to work in the fields of their choice, and we expect them to enter the workforce at a higher level than those with a bachelor's degree alone. Students with a UC Merced Gallo MM degree will be highly desirable to employers because they will have mastered a skill set that is not easily automated.

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How does the MM program career counseling differ from what is available on campus? What placement support is there?

The MM program offers highly personalized, one-on-one career coaching for enrolled students. All students are placed in a professional internship for their summer capstone project. Support for professional placement is extended beyond graduation to MM alumni.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Per Regent’s policy, at least one-third of PDST revenues are returned to financial aid for students in the program. UC Merced disperses this aid strategically to ensure that qualified students admitted to the program have the greatest possible chance of attending.

The university’s intention is that no qualified student will be unable to pursue an MM degree because of financial need.

Program faculty and staff will work with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to award fellowships to meet 100% of student need, leveraging program revenues, federal loans, and other sources of student funding. If student need exceeds available funds, program faculty and staff work with the Graduate Division and industry sponsors to raise additional fellowship support.

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Admissions Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline
March 1
Fall 2024
Term Start Date
August 21
Fall 2024

University of California Merced has engaged Everspring, a leading provider of education and technology services, to support select aspects of program delivery.