Legacy & Leadership Intertwined:
Welcome to Management 2.0
Legacy & Leadership Intertwined:
Welcome to Management 2.0

Your Launchpad to Leadership: UC Merced’s Master of Management Program

The University of California, Merced's Gallo Master of Management (MM) program isn't just about acquiring critical knowledge for your long-term career needs—it's also about forging a path to management leadership.

By integrating an interdisciplinary curriculum, unparalleled faculty expertise, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, UC Merced shapes leaders for today's challenges and tomorrow's uncertainties.

At UC Merced, it’s all about you. Personalized career services and development opportunities help you get where you want to go.

Climb Higher, Dream Bigger: Gain Social Mobility With a UC Merced Management Master's Degree

Ernest & Julio Gallo Management Program at UC Merced is proud to be recognized for its commitment to transformative business education. The school’s emphasis goes beyond just curriculum; it is dedicated to shaping futures and uplifting communities.

Distinguished Achievements

No. 2
Top Colleges for Social Mobility1
No. 4
in Advancing Social Mobility2
Platinum rated
by the AASHE3

UC Merced’s management programs intertwine vital business topics such as organizational behavior and data analytics. Both recent undergraduate degree holders and those with some professional experience can leverage the MM program, diving deep into areas like finance, marketing, and business ethics.

First-generation students and local residents find UC Merced’s programs especially transformative, given the university’s notable rankings in economic and social mobility. MM graduates are equipped with potent management skills and deep insights from the management curriculum, and are highly sought after in the private sector.

UC Merced isn't just about earning a master's degree; it's about unlocking a more prosperous future and building a network of like-minded peers.

What You’ll Learn

Dive into UC Merced's Master of Management program and gain a comprehensive toolkit for your future in leadership.

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Fundamentals of Management

  • Traditional concepts and theories in marketing, management, operations, strategy, accounting, and finance
  • The ability to identify and utilize analytical techniques
  • Proficiency in quantitative and data-oriented techniques
  • Mastery of strategic planning, decision-making, and critical thinking
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Communication for Managers

  • Effective communication with experts and non-experts in business, community, and government settings
  • Skill in delivering persuasive and professional presentations
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Leadership and Teamwork in Practice

  • The application of principles and practices of conflict management
  • Proficiency in diversity management
  • Expertise in change management
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Business Ethics and Social Context

  • Understanding of ethical and legal requirements for global management
  • Competence in policy and risk management in complex organizational situations
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Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology

  • The ability to synthesize theory and practice.
  • Proficiency in designing innovative solutions to strategic, organizational, and technical challenges

Program Structure and Support

UC Merced’s Gallo MM is tailor-made to propel graduates into the job market with unparalleled qualifications and offers:

  • A 12-month immersive experience
  • Exclusive cohorts; 11-person cohort average
  • A sequential course structure ensures cohesive learning with your peers
  • Real-world capstone projects centered on sustainability, ethical treatment of employees, and value generation
  • Can serve as a fifth-year experience for recent bachelor’s graduates

The university prides itself on its commitment to each student's future. UC Merced’s career support services for graduate students include Graduate Enrichment and Advancement Resources and Services (GEARS) and professional development.

Unparalleled Interdisciplinary Focus

The Gallo MM program embodies an interdisciplinary approach, blending knowledge from various fields to foster a richer and more comprehensive understanding. By integrating disciplines such as engineering, cognitive science, philosophy, and economics, the curriculum helps develop T-shaped professionals. These are adept leaders who possess both specialized depth and broad expertise across multiple fields.

A Renowned Faculty

Our stellar faculty comes from diverse fields including climatology and international affairs. Their shared mission is to help nurture individuals capable of leading within complex, rapidly shifting environments.

Professor LeRoy Westerling, Ernest & Julio Gallo School of Management at UC Merced

“We’re not interested in stripping away everything that makes management hard. We want students to understand how people, technology, and nature operate together, and how we can better engineer these systems.”
— Professor LeRoy Westerling, Professor and Department Chair, Management of Complex Systems, Director of the Master of Management Program
Ernest & Julio Gallo Management Program

Professor Paul Maglio, Management of Complex Systems

“We want to help these students become T-shaped Professionals — people who have more than just depth in their areas of expertise, but broad experience across many areas so that they can work with a variety of people.”
—Professor Paul Maglio, Professor, Management of Complex Systems
Ernest & Julio Gallo Management Program

The Ernest & Julio Gallo Management Program at UC Merced: Management’s Newest Epicenter

The Ernest & Julio Gallo Master of Management Program at UC Merced epitomizes the future of management education.

Blending modern techniques with classic values, UC Merced collaborates across sectors to create a vision that balances real-world challenges, data insights, and sustainable practices.

The Gallo MM program is a testament to this vision, offering students a distinctive pathway to master management.

Join the program and get the practical skills needed for today's management landscape.

Key Highlights

Interdisciplinary Learning: Synergy between departments like Cognitive & Information Sciences and Management of Complex Systems

The Gallo Legacy: A curriculum enriched by the ethos of the esteemed Gallo family, emphasizing community focus and sustainable leadership

A Commitment to Inclusivity: A core ethos centered on equity, diversity and inclusion

No. 1 in Sustainability4

When it comes to sustainable action, UC Merced leads by example. Ranked America's #1 Greenest College, the university consistently prioritizes sustainability—from its triple net zero objectives to all its eco-friendly buildings on campus.1 The program gives you the skills to achieve the triple bottom line: driving value, ensuring the ethical treatment of workers, and advocating for environmental sustainability.

Key Initiatives:

  • Biodiversity
  • Air and Climate
  • Campus Engagement

Land Management:

  • Manages 7,000+ acres of vulnerable land for research, education, and conservation
  • Actively protects endangered species

Campus Efficiency:

  • Buildings exceed California's efficiency standards by 35% to 50%4
  • Strong emphasis on minimizing waste and conserving energy

Student Engagement:

  • Sustainability integrated into freshman orientation
  • Over 8,500 students in peer-to-peer sustainability programs and internships4
Exterior sign of UC Merced and campus

“Every incoming student has the opportunity to participate in sustainability-related orientation activities”

Your Path to Lifelong Excellence Begins Here

UC Merced doesn’t just teach management—it shapes future leaders. The university’s blend of tradition, innovation, and sustainability sets the stage for a transformative education.

With the guidance of renowned faculty and the values of the Gallo legacy, you're not just earning a degree; you're preparing to lead in a dynamic world.

Ready to make your mark? Join us and redefine what's possible in management. Apply to UC Merced.

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Unlock Business Leadership With UC Merced's Master of Management

Considering a master's in management and leadership? The Gallo School of Management at UC Merced provides an MM program designed to enhance your business acumen and leadership capabilities.

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Admissions Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline
March 1
Fall 2024
Term Start Date
August 21
Fall 2024

University of California Merced has engaged Everspring, a leading provider of education and technology services, to support select aspects of program delivery.